The 'Berlin Group' is a pan-European payments interoperability standards and harmonisation initiative with the primary objective of defining open and common scheme- and processor-independent standards in the interbanking domain between Creditor Bank (Acquirer) and Debtor Bank (Issuer), complementing the work carried out by e.g. the European Payments Council. As such, the Berlin Group has been established as a pure technical standardisation body, focusing on detailed technical and organisational requirements to achieve this primary objective.

Recent News

Sep 08
Authorisation API Change
bpost bank improves the API in order to add new functionalities. This new API will be activated on December 9th 2020, and includes a breaking change in the way a consent is created (for both AIS and PIS). The Berlin...
Jul 31
KPI Q2 2020 Publication
Please find the KPI indicators for Q2 2020. This publication includes the data from April 1st until June 30th.   2020-...